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Laavat is the winner of Cyber Security Nordic Competition

Laavat is the winner of Cyber Security Nordic Competition

Four chosen finalists showcased innovative solutions and services in the Cyber Security Nordic Competition. The finalists were CyberCoach, D-Fence Oy’s Easy GDPR, Tosibox Platform and LAAVAT solution for IoT security, that won the first price. The winner received a 10 000 euro price donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

"The jury decision was extremely difficult as the candidates were showcasing their remarkable contributions to the world of cyber security. After a careful deliberation, the jury found themselves having to make a critical decision between two entrants, Laavat and CyberCoach", tells Peter Sund from FISC.

The winner, Laavat, received the following accolades from the jury:

IoT Device Security Focus: Laavat recognized the pressing security challenges posed by IoT devices, a vital concern in today's interconnected world. They demonstrated a strong commitment to developing solutions to address these issues, benefiting both businesses and individuals.

Well-Defined Go-to-Market Strategy: Laavat presented a well-crafted go-to-market strategy, showcasing their proactive approach to reaching a wider audience.

Remarkable Ambition: Laavat displayed an exceptional level of ambition, breaking free from traditional boundaries and showing a commitment to pushing the envelope in the field of cybersecurity. Their ambition drives innovation and progress in the industry.

Strengthening Finnish Competitiveness: Laavat's efforts contribute to enhancing the competitive edge and sustainability of Finnish stakeholders by addressing IoT device cybersecurity challenges. This indirectly fortifies Finnish businesses and organizations operating in the digital realm.

Special Nomination to Cyber Coach

CyberCoach is a company that has demonstrated not only technical excellence but also a profound societal impact. They impressed the jury with their ability to stay ahead of the curve, their commitment to providing a mature and user-friendly product, their emphasis on a citizen-centric approach, their alignment with SDGs, and their dedication to skill development in the field of cyber security. Their impact on society is tangible.

The Cyber Security Nordic competition is looking for innovative solution or service that has an impact on the development and growth of the sector in Finland and potential for international success.

The finalists presented their product or service in a pitch competition on 7 November 2023 at the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, after which a professional jury selected the winner, that received a 10,000 euro price donated by the Finnish Fair Foundation.

More information about the competition.

Cyber Security Nordic is organised by Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre in cooperation with the Finnish cyber security industry association, Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC). Strategic partners of the event are Accenture, HP, HSLSoftware, Huawei, Microsoft, Net Nordic, Nixu and Trend Micro.

For more information: 

Communications, Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre, Anu-Eveliina Mattila, Tel: +358 50 555 6183, #cybersecuritynordic2023


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