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For Exhibitors Face-to-face media

Impressive encounters

50 advanced media environments

Each of our 50 event brands forms its own media environment. 

Fair visitors are dedicated enthusiasts. They come to events ready to be captivated, make purchases, and be enlightened.

Our events are developed in close cooperation with all involved industries.

Year 2023

Why face-to-face?

Nothing can replace the magic of in-person encounters which fairs provide. Fairs enable you to create meaningful human moments with thousands of potential customers at once, and we’ll help you design the campaign of your dreams—the sky is the limit! Boost your sales, launch your product, expand your customer base, and increase your brand’s visibility—a tailored target group will be waiting for you.

Face-to-face encounters bring kindred spirits and professional reference groups together in an exceptional way. At our fairs, you’ll meet a tailored target group eagerly waiting to engage with you and be dazzled.

Fairs offer a solution for both strategic and tactical marketing goals. Genuine human interactions are key in increasing brand image, personality, and awareness. Integrate event participation into your annual business plan and customer journey and maximise success. 

Trade fairs are not simply single events, they’re platforms for year-round reach. Fairs are growing into an increasingly strong media platform that have the unique capacity to create meaningful moments of contact with kindred spirits year-round.

Build a long-term, even year-round campaign, around the fairs. When it comes to your campaign design, the sky is the limit: Lock in your goals and use events to build meaningful encounters.

Proven appeal

There’s a global boom around trade fairs, and there’s a reason for that. Fairs are the perfect place to meet and impress your prime target group.

Out of all target groups, fair visitors are the readiest to make purchases: not only are they hyped for the event, they’re also eager to spend money. According to the research trade fair visitors buy more than the highest-earning Finns*. Fairs are a great way to fast-track sales and accelerate buying decisions.

*Ostopulssi 05/23 OMG

Globally, trade fairs are as big a media as outdoor advertising or radio advertising. In Finland, this is obscured, because the euros used are not measured commensurably with other advertising. However, it’s worth making fairs an established part of annual marketing plans.

Trade fairs are an optimal environment for building brand recognition and mental availability. After all, fairs create prolonged and active brand exposure which uniquely strengthens a company’s story in the consumer’s memory.

There’s a reason tourism is the talk of the town in January and book sales peak in October. Trade fairs generate event hype and help bolster and define your brand in an environment that feels natural to you.

Impressive in many ways


Our event channels reach fair audiences all year round. With our digital channels, you can build versatile content collaborations and commercial activations.


With our outdoor advertising network in Pasila, reach those who move around outside of the events or create visitor flow at the event itself.


When it comes to event visibility, unleash your creative potential! Special implementations, stickers, sample distributions, and our own VIP areas are all great ways to make yourself seen and wow your audience.

97% of Finns aged 18–70 have been to a trade fair