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Participate as an influencer

Before each fair event, we select a group of influencers who will receive an influencer pass for the event. With the pass, you can enter the trade fair for free during the event’s opening hours, and you can use the services of the Media Center.


The subject area matters

Please apply for an influencer’s passport only for those events whose topics you are dealing with. Applications are processed by event and passports are granted according to certain criteria: the subject areas must correspond to the topics of the event, the account or channel must be updated regularly, and the channel must have an established following.

Apply early

The application usually closes a couple of weeks before the event. We will notify you personally by e-mail about the issuance of the passport. In the same email, you will receive instructions for picking up your passport.

The passport is personal

If your channel has more than one creator, everyone who wants to attend the fair must apply for a passport separately. In the Media field, enter the name of the account or channel you are shooting for. If the author team includes a photographer, he or she must also apply for a passport with the status “blogger”, not “photographer”.

Fill out the application carefully

We use the information provided in the form when printing the passport, so enter the name of your social media channel in the MEDIA field as you want it to be printed on your passport. (So not e.g. “blogger” or “http://…” but the name of your blog or the name of your Instagram account).

vaikuttajat työskentelemässä pöydän ääressä

Apply for an influencer’s pass

Fairs offer a great opportunity to gather new ideas, network with companies and meet your own followers and other social media influencers.

Due to the EU’s data protection regulation, we only grant an influencer pass to content producers over the age of 13.

Please note that Messukeskus also organizes guest events, where an external organizer rents the Messukeskus facilities for their own event. These events may have a different accreditation policy, and media access must be agreed separately with the organizer.