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For Exhibitors Services Events’ own channels

Events’ own channels

The fair’s own channels offer an excellent opportunity to increase visibility and attract attention year-round. Explore the available channels, along with their key metrics and pricing details, on the respective event pages.

Parade banner ad

With the parade banner ad, you can reach the awareness of all website users. The banner can be seen on the program and exhibitor pages.

Mid-content banner ad

With an mid-content banner ad, you can capture the attention of website visitors by drawing their attention in the middle of the content. The banner can be seen on the front page of the event and on the program and exhibitor pages.


Would you like to attract attention among the event’s target group more broadly? Get visibility for your company on a blog that offers content related to the interests of event visitors throughout the year!


Events have countless newsletter subscribers. Messages are sent and read especially actively before the event, but also throughout the year. Attract visitors to your stand, tell about offers, or attract people to your online store!

Social media channels

Reach fans of the event on social media by using the event’s Facebook and Instagram pages. We recommend tying the post to fair participation or another event relevant to you!


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