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For Exhibitors Services Stand construction

Everything you need to build a stand

What does your stand need?

With us, you can find everything you need to build trade fair stands. If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, or if you want help planning the stand, our experts can help you at Check out the entire catalog and make the necessary reservations at eMessukeskus

In our selection you will find, among other things:

Aluminium profile constructions

From us you can get fascia and support beams, wall elements and panels as well as doors and folding doors according to your needs and wishes.

Wood constructions

Our wood wall elements are made of white hardboard. We also paint standard wall elements with standard colours or special colours according to customers’ wishes for an extra charge

Floors and carpets

Our selection includes a comprehensive selection of different floors, edging strips, stage elements, carpet tiles and carpet rolls.

Lighting and electrification

Lighting is one of the most important features of a successful stand. A properly lit stand attracts customers to get to know your offer.

Electricity to the stands will be cut off 30 minutes after the exhibition day has ended. If you require night-time electricity at your stand for IT equipment or a fridge, remember to order a socket with continuous electricity supply (24h). For safety reasons, it is not allowed to connect lighting to sockets for steady-state current. 


Lightweight decorations can be suspended with wires from ceiling in Halls 2 – 6.

Suspension points for truss are also used for hanging other heavy items from hall ceiling. Suspension point for truss is possible in Halls 2-7. In Hall 1 truss suspensions are possible only in some parts of the hall.

NOTE! Suspension point does not include chain hoist or other equipment required for hanging. These can be ordered separately. Suspension point for truss is possible in Halls 2-7. In Hall 1 truss suspensions are possible only in some parts of the hall.

Screens and display technology

You can use screens to show videos or other material. Please note that some of the screens require a separate computer or media player to display the files.

If necessary, also order sound reproduction for presentations. Our selection also includes ready-made audio packages for live music and speech.

Screens and sound reproduction are provided by our subsidiary Suomen Videoviestintä SVV Oy.


HVAC services

Through us, you can also get the HVAC furniture you need for your stand. Please note that water, drainage and pressured air installations require an underfloor pit on the stand or in technical area.

Note! Water fittings and connection hoses used in the distribution of drinking water must be disinfected before use. When you order water fittings through us, we take care of disinfection for you. If you use your own water fittings at the event, we ask you to take care of disinfecting the water fittings and connection hoses. Disinfection can also be purchased as an additional service through our partner Are Oy.

Storage space

The storage space increases the department’s functionality and increases the smoothness of the exhibition days. Check out the storage options at eMessukeskus!

Connections and interfaces

Fixed internet connection ensures reliable connection and is recommended for the stands with points of sale terminal or when reliable internet is important to the stand functions.

The fixed internet connection also includes technical support.


Carefully designed furniture ensures the functionality of your stand. We offer a comprehensive selection of furniture for your department:

  • Tables, chairs and shelves
  • Cabinets, brochure stands and counters
  • Display cabinets, mirrors and coat racks
  • Home appliances, and electronics
  • Poster walls etc.


The decoration completes the atmosphere of your stand. Through us you can order, among other things, green plants and balloon arrangements.


Visualize your corporate image and exhibition goals! Our graphic production unit helps you choose the right solutions and materials for your stand. We offer custom print production on a range of materials such as textile, tape, paper and board. We also offer post-production services such as lamination, priming, and framing.


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