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Terms and Conditions Conference Centre Contractual Terms

Conference Centre Contractual Terms

1. Meeting packages

Meeting package includes:

Separately charged:

Please note that in meeting package reservations, the event can be moved to another, similar facility if necessary. If the number of participants at the event is smaller than confirmed, the event can be moved to a smaller space.

2. Meeting room reservation

Rental for meeting room includes:

Separately charged:

3. Meeting room reservations and exhibitions

Rental for meeting room includes:

Separately charged:

3.1. Environmental services

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre follows the waste management policy in accordance with the waste act for events organised at Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre.

The lessor charges the lessee €2.20/net m2 + VAT for the environmental service. The service fee covers environmental maintenance during the construction and dismantling of the exhibition. It includes waste sorting in accordance with Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre’s environmental programme, transfer from the exhibition stand to the waste station, transport to the waste tip or waste reception points, waste tip fees, waste handling fees and the service of environmental supervisors.

4. Restaurant services

Noho Partners Oy’s terms and conditions valid from 1 July 2023

In its catering Noho Partners Oy takes into account the special diets announced in advance according to the delivery conditions, individually without additional charge, we prepare all products per se as lactose-free or low-lactose.

The minimum invoicing basis for the catering is the number of persons confirmed before the event according to the following:
under 50 persons three (3) weekdays
50-250 persons seven (7) weekdays
over 250 persons ten (10) weekdays

Invoicing according to the confirmed number of persons, or, if it exceeds the announced number, according to the actual number of persons.

If the number of participants or the nature of the event changes substantially, the restaurant has the right to renegotiate the details and costs of the event. A confirmed catering order is binding.

However, the customer can cancel the order, in which case the charge is as follows:

We reserve the right to product and price changes in accordance with the prevailing price level.

Information provided by the customer to Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre will only be used for the planning and the implementation of the event.

5. Audio visual technology

Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre’s subsidiary, Suomen Videoviestintä SVV, offers professional AV technology planning, implementation and monitoring, as well as the latest sound, lighting and meeting technology and interpretation technology for your event.

Orders for AV services and equipment received no later than 14 days before the event will be delivered at list prices. A 50% increase is added to orders and modifications that arrive later.

6. Other services

The furnishings of the facilities must be agreed upon no later than 14 weekdays before the start of the event. If the furnishing change arrives later than 14 weekdays before the event, a 50% increase will be added. Floor plan drawing service, i.e. changes made to the basic floor plan of the exhibition 100 € + VAT. Basic electrical plug (16 A 230 V, 3,6 kW) for exhibitors 150 € + VAT/piece.

7. Payment terms

See payment terms in the offer/confirmation. We reserve the right to price revisions due to changes in tax laws and interpretations of these. In addition, we reserve the right to redefine the payment terms due to changes in the company’s credit information or a weakened risk rating of the company.

The person that makes the reservation must give the billing address in connection with the confirmation of the reservation. An invoicing fee of € 25 + VAT/invoice is added to the new invoice when the company’s contact information is changed. If, at the customer’s request, the invoice is divided into several parts or between several companies, an invoicing fee of € 25 +VAT/ invoice is added to each invoice.

8. Cancellation conditions

The reservation is binding from the date of confirmation. If there is something that needs to be specified in the confirmation, the contact person must be informed about it within two (2) days from the date of the confirmation.

8.1. If you cancel the entire event:

Rooms 101, 101abc, 101 ab, 101 cd, 101c, 101d, 103, 103a, 103b, Valo and Säde:

Rooms 102, 201, 203, 203a, 204−209, 215 and 216, Kajo, Platta, Panorama, Mesta, Exhibitor Lounge, Press room:

Rooms 104, 202, 203b, 210–214, 216A Namu, 217, 218, 301–307, Gallery sauna:

8.2 If you cancel part of the spaces reserved:

Rooms 101 cd, 101c, 101d,103, 103a, 103b, Valo and Säde:

Rooms 102, 201, 203, 203 a, 204-209, 215 and 216 Kajo, Platta, Panorama, Mesta:

Rooms 104, 202, 203b, 210–214, 216A Namu, 217–218, 301–307, Galleria sauna, Exhibitors Club, Press room:

9. General terms

Force Majeure

Force majeure is considered to be an inevitable and unpredictable event beyond the control of the contracting party, which makes the fulfilment of the contract virtually impossible. A force majeure can be caused by, for example, a natural disaster, fire, explosion, earthquake, war, threat of terrorism, interruption of energy distribution or an order from an authority (eg. pan epidemic).

The other party to the contract must be notified without delay of the onset of force majeure, its cause and estimated duration.

If the rented premises cannot be used during the rental period due to force majeure and the event cannot be organised at the planned time, the parties will agree on a new event time based on the availability of the rented premises. In the event of force majeure and the existence of the obstacle continues for more than 6 months, the parties can agree on the termination of the contract without separate cancellation costs. In such a situation, however, the lessor has the right to keep 5% of the agreed rent as compensation for the work already done in connection with the organization of the event.

For the sake of clarity, it is stated that the Covid-19 infectious disease or its spreading does not constitute an overwhelming obstacle, except for the situation where, due to an official order related to the Covid-19 infectious disease, it is not allowed to organize the intended gathering in the rented premises during the event time specified in the contract/confirmation.

We reserve the right to make changes.