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Terms and Conditions Invoiced ticket orders – Terms of payment and agreement

Invoiced ticket orders terms of payment and agreement

Companies and associations which have a positive credit score and a valid business ID or registration number can order tickets to be invoiced. The order should be written, after which the Finnish Fair Corporation will send an order confirmation and the buyer will confirm that the information is correct. After this the order is binding and the ticket/tickets will be sent to the given address. The order cannot be changed or cancelled after the recipient has confirmed the order. The Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre will not be liable for possible changes in the programme of the event.

The term of payment for Finnish companies is 14 days net, if no other agreement has been made. Exceptions: if the beginning of the event is within 30-8 days, the term of payment is 7 days. If the order is placed closer than 7-0 days of the event, the term of payment is IMMEDIATELY.
The invoice will be charged with a service fee according to current price list.

Updated 21 March 2023