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Outdoor advertising

Digital screens

The four outdoor advertising surfaces surrounding the exhibition center reach people who drive by all year round. Add these screens as part of your outdoor advertising menu or use them at events.

Giant screen at Ratapihantie

Positioned at the junction of Ratapihantie and the Messukeskus Car Park, the double-sided screen, spanning over 20 m2, offers extensive visibility. It catches the attention of not only fair visitors but also train travelers and motorists in the vicinity. Advertising slots are limited to a maximum of five companies or events. Your advertisement is guaranteed to be displayed at least 50 times per hour.

Messuaukio roadside advertisement

The double-sided display reaches those walking along Rautatieläsenkatu and those arriving at the fair through the Southern Entrance. Your ad is shown at least 50 times per hour.

The top of the southern entrance

Reach all visitors entering the fair through the Southern Entrance.

Outdoor banners

The large surfaces stand out and offer the first contact with people arriving at the fair or passing by the Messukeskus. There are three places for takeover in the Messukeskus area.

Giant banner at Ratapihantie

The giant banner on the western wall of Messukeskus can be seen from afar. This advertising space is also used by Messukeskus’ own events.

Size: 8040 x 7240 mm

The giant banner of the Southern Entrance

Banner located in front of the Southern Entrance

Size: 3000 x 4650 mm

The giant banner at the Northern Entrance

Reach visitors coming through the Northern Entrance

Size: 5000 x 7000 mm


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