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For Exhibitors Services Special advertising spots

Special advertising spots

Ticket gates

Advertising stickers at the gates of the Southern and Northern Entrances and at the gates of the Southern exit. Stickers are attached to both sides of the gates.

Quantity: 20 gates
Sizes: 285 x 600 mm / 410 x 600 mm / 400 x 200 mm

Ticket readers

Brand the ticket readers with advertising stickers! The stickers are placed on the reading device’s support leg and on the sides. The southern and northern Entrances have a total of 16 devices.

Quantity: 16 pcs
Sizes: Support legs: 244 x 900 mm / Sides (2 pcs/device) 110 x 200 mm 

Branded cloakroom tickets

The cloakroom tickets provide a good way to reach nearly all visitors. They can be used to arrange a lottery draw at your stand, for example.

Size: 45 x 92 mm

Stair and floor stickers

Welcome visitors with floor stickers at the entrance, take control of the stairs, escalators and counters in the bar, or direct the visitor to your stand with floor stickers.

Mirrors in sanitary facilities

The sticker ads (50 pcs) are placed on the mirrors of the sanitary facilities and on the outer surfaces of the doors. In addition, there are places for sticker ads at the ends of the coat racks and on the glass surfaces of the common areas.

Quantity: 50 pcs
Size: A3

Doors of sanitary facilities

The print advertising places in the Messukeskus sanitary facilities are located inside the toilet cubicles and above the urinals.

Quantity: 260 pcs
Size: A4


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